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Jul 16, 2010

Mid Friday Counts And A Thank You.


Word Count: 48,100 (60%) [Last week: 40,100 (50%)]

Page Count: Mine: 159 Theirs: 193 [Last week: 136/160]

Comments: I almost didn’t think I was going to make it this week. Last minute work came up that should have derailed me, but I had to send it back to the guy who’d given it to me for clarification and he still hasn’t gotten back to me, so voila!

This week I was given a very special gift. I was allowed by a fellow writer to help with her query letter. It’s something I do occasionally on Query Tracker, but there’s no real discussion between myself and the author that I give suggestions too. So being able to give my suggestions and the reasons for them, and then getting feedback from her that I cleared up some of the fog that had settled on her in the process. I’m not going to name names, in case she’d like to remain anonymous, but I’d like to thank her for giving me that opportunity.

So, thank you, it is an amazing feeling to know that you’ve helped someone. I no longer have any doubt of the reasoning behind my best friend’s decision to become a teacher.


  1. You can name names all right. It was me! Me! And the thanks goes all to you, my friend. Fog is an understatement. It was more like a smothering panic filled toxic cloud I couldn't find my way out of. And now the skies are sunshiny and everything is clear. So, let it be known you made my day, my week, and quite possibly so much more.

    I curtsy to you.

  2. She curtsied to you! What an honor.

    You guys gotta help each other out :)

  3. Hey ABK, I saw your comment over on Sara Creasy's blog. That led me here and I see you're an aspiring writer too, so here's my advice:

    Don't give up!

    Also, don't do what I did. I got tired of being rejected, so I started just writing query letters. The third one I sent out got some requests, so I sat down and wrote the dang book. It only took 3 months but that was too long; none of the agents would look at it. :(

    So I shelved it and went back to my other writing. After a year had passed Sara started bugging me to send out the book again. Eventually I did, to no effect (one agent requested the full but then sat on it forever).

    Another year or two goes buy, and Sara starts bugging me to send it out again. So I do. This time the fantastic agent requests to see the full, and a few months later I get the call! (Eventually you're going to find out that the agent in question is in fact Sara's agent, but I assure you I submitted through the slush pile just like anyone else - in fact, we write under different last names so I didn't even have that going for me.)

    The point is... perseverance.

    Oh also and good luck, but then that's a given. So stick with it! :)