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My Novels
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Jul 23, 2010

Mid Friday... er Late Friday Counts


Word Count: 57,900 (72%) [Last week: 48,100 (60%)]

Page Count: Mine: 188  Theirs: 231  [Last week: 159/193]

Comments: So... I would have posted this at noon time, but my work internet is annoying and wont let me on to blogger! and I went to the ball park tonight. Anyway. I've gotten a lot done this week (2% more than my goal!) and that kind of surprised me with the revisions on my other novel and a doctors appointment that took up my entire Thursday morning.
This week had a lot of questions that came at me and I struggled with finding answers to them, but now, as I write this little post I can say that those questions have all been answered and I've come to understand both the novels and the characters better than ever. That is always a good feeling!

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  1. Great! Don't you love that feeling when it just works. I hope all is well with you, my friend. Back from my weekend away. I"ll be back to blogging tomorrow.