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Jul 13, 2010

When I Write, Where I Write, Why I Write.

I am, like so many other aspiring authors, unable to survive without a full-time day job. Unfortunately the pen (or keyboard) doesn’t yet bring home the bacon – if it ever will…. However, I am one of the lucky few who are able to write at work. That’s right. I’m allowed to type away at my WIP between answering phones and doing anything else that my job (more or less an over glorified babysitter of middle aged men) requires of me. Let me just tell you, the current economy has made my down time at work very conducive to pushing out pages.

So when the Rejectionist offered up a post on her writing space, I thought about it for a minute… and ultimately decided that I didn’t have anything worthy of posting. After all, I don’t have a space set aside that is specifically for my writing (yet).

Then Amanda (soon to be published author extraordinaire) posted her space and I found more that had also. And I thought, “I may not have much to show, but why not?”

So here it is… the space where I work & write.

The gentle hum of the air conditioning (chronically set at 55, inducing my desire to bring a parka to work when it’s over 100 degrees outside) helps to block out the larger part of the office noise – mostly the gossip of the men I work with, they’re worse than high school girls. The Dual screens are wonderful – as I have a pension for making charts for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I do.

Unless something comes up, or I get distracted by reading blogs, I can usually push out 2,000 words between the phone calls, bank deposits, construction of manuals, etc. Earl always jokes that I’m already a professional author (being paid to write) and I guess he’s right in many ways. This job – and its boredom inducing slow periods – is what got me into novel-writing, and I am writing on a salary… it is not, however, to be compared with being paid to have your novel published.

* When I move (hopefully shortly) I’ll post pictures of the space I’m going to carve out in the new house.


  1. So they know about you writing at work? That's awesome!

  2. My office is also a meat locker- temperature wise (no actual meat).
    You have one menopausal woman that works with you and the thermostat gets autoset to 60 degrees.

  3. randine - the a/c in my office has two settings, on and off. Unfortunately, that means that when it's 110+ outside, it's going to be 53 inside, no matter what! Though one of the two women in the office (the other being me) is going through menopause.