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Aug 10, 2010

THX 1138: A Review

As I write in the SF genre, I like to explore more in the way of SF in multiple mediums. One of those mediums is film.

You know, I think that Lucas owes a lot to Harrison Ford.

Think about it...

Anything he did before American Graffiti is practically unknown by we normal folk, and American Graffiti, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, three of his best known works - if not his three best known works - have Harrison Ford in a very central role. Harrison is Lucas' loaded die.

But the thing that brought Lucas to the screen, the film THX 1138, produced by F.F. Coppolla (yeah, we're tight, so I can call him F.F. - not) begins, much like many other Sci-Fi films of the seventies and eighties, slowly and escalates to accuiring a heart beat. The speculation of a society governed by sedation and lack of feeling is well executed, but the plot moves as though its feet are slogging through mollases. The predominantly white sets are a bit of a bear on your retinas, and at one point the characters are shoved into an area filled with people rushing about as though they're in a stampede, and I think I went into sensory overload, if Lucas has something going for him, it's his sound.

It's intriguing, but not enrapturing.

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  1. It's also hard watching those older movies now, I think. They don't last well on the shelves in terms of staying as entertaining.