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Nov 28, 2010

Moral Disabilities

28. Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them, and if there’s nothing major to speak of, tell us a few smaller ones.

I’m not sure I’ve written anyone with either mental or physical disabilities… I think that I stick to Moral disabilities – a sort of blemish of the soul, if you will. I like to write terribly flawed characters. The type of people you hope you aren’t, but occasionally see a bit of yourself in –as much as it may rankle.

Impetia is one of those characters of flawed character. She’s so desperate to please her father that she’ll do anything for him – including play executioner – and yet it goes deeper than that. She’s seeking acceptance in any way she can and she finds it in the arms of a man her father would never approve of. In the end… her willingness to be accepted and loved and considered, well, normal… it is her undoing.

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  1. Oh, Impetia. I think that was a good way of putting it, moral disabilities.