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Grammar 101-6: Quotations

I love quotation marks and I use air quotes enough that you might think it was a tick… that being said, here are the basic rules on quotation marks.

Quotation marks denote the exact words of a speaker. Quotations are necessary if you write something like this: “Go home,” Mark said.

They are unnecessary for indirect quotations. So, if you’re saying, Mark said to go home. There is no need to use quotes.

Quotation marks with in quotation marks should be singlemarks. Example: “Katie was talking to me and she said, ‘this blog is ridiculous,’ and I was totally offended”

Commas and Periods should always be placed inside of quotation marks.

No: Sally said, “I want to go home”.

Yes: “I want to go home,” sally said.

Question marks and exclamation points only reside inside if they are a part of the quote and on the outside if they pertain to the entire sentence, not just the quote.

Did you just mutter, “I wish I wasn’t reading this blog”?

“Do you want to stop reading?”

Well, if you said yes, tha…

Grammar 101-5: Commas

Commas… I have a serious love hate relationship with these marks. I love to use them. I hate to follow their rules. It is because of this that I thought I’d write this grammar post. Here are some of those rules I hate to follow:

• Commas set off abbreviations such as Jr. & Sr. (There is no comma when the last word in a sentence is Jr. or Sr.)
o Example: Rudolf Cline, Sr., passed away at the age of ninety-two. • Commas separate parts of geographical places.
o Example: I grew up in Coos Bay, Oregon. • Commas are used to create lists.
o Example: I forgot to pick up milk, eggs, and butter while I was out. • Commas are used to separate three or more phrases.
o Example: After I write this blog, reply to emails, and feed my fish, I will continue on my WIP. • Commas are used to separate three or more short clauses.
o Example: I am writing this post, you are reading my blog, and Katie is undoubtedly laughing at me. • Commas separate introductory words and mild interjections from the sentence that f…