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Mar 17, 2011


I didn’t really remember getting in the car. I remembered my half-assed excuses to John, my deathly urge to get away from that house – that family – and I remembered Marion quietly plying them to let me go.

The gravel crunching beneath the rental SUV’s tires played like white noise in my head as I followed the twisting road, trying to find my way out of the backwoods.

As I fled Marion’s palacial home, I had only one destination in mind: the airport. I was going to leave this blasted place and never look back.

Salty tears blurred the road ahead of me and I saw the fork I knew would take me back to the pavement, back to civilization. In a moment of uncertainty, I chose the other fork.

I was not uncertain of which way would lead me back to town. I was uncertain of my initial choice. Was fleeing truly the best way to handle this? I wanted to be done with it all, done with John and his family, done with the decisions I forced myself to make every time I chose to spend a weekend away with Eli. I pulled off to the side of the road and all but fell out of the car. Something drew me back into the forest, something I couldn’t begin to explain, even to myself.

I climbed the pine needle covered hill. A canopy of evergreens blocked all but the most persistent of the mid afternoon sun’s rays. By the time I stopped, my nylons were torn to the point that I could have walked onto an eighties music video set without a second glance.

There was no fallen log here, so I sat in the squishy, needle covered hill. “Screw it,” I said, as I thought about the state of my posterior. The family would simply have to deal with a muddy behind for a few minutes… if I decided to go back.

Marion’s words echoed in my head and I felt the weight of the watch pulling at my pocket.

To think the man who had degraded me for years because I couldn’t bear children had suffered from the same affliction. I idly toyed with the notion of telling John, batting it away nearly as soon as it had entered my thoughts. I may not be an inherently good person, but I wasn’t cruel.

My head started to swim and all the anger, regret and sorrow built-up in me over the years washed over me as though the dam had broken. Gasping for air, I tried not to let the tears brimming at my eyelids flow.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, startling me. How did I have reception here?

The Phone flashed a picture of Cal State’s logo with the name E. Masterson beneath it.

Eli spoke before as soon as I accepted the call. “Are you okay?”

My heavy sigh echoed through the trees around me, urging a crow to take wing with an irritated caw.

“I hardly know anymore.”

Flood<< >>Dam(n)


This week's Red Writing Hood prompt asked us to write about a detour.


  1. *exhale* Oh, what will happen to her?

  2. I love following your series. I just read the whole thing from the beginning last night, and love it! Great job!

  3. You have me on the edge of my seat again! Can't wait to find out, again. Til nest time.

    Loved your way of leading us to your detour.

  4. New follower here! You've got a great piece here. Can't wait for the next one.

  5. argh.. you left us hanging.. great piece... I can't wait to read what comes next :)

  6. Great writing Amy, some wonderful images and a natural rhythm.

  7. Very nice description, from the trees and the crunchy gravel, right down to the torn nylons. I enjoyed it.

  8. Um gf? I *have* to know what happens next! You will tell me, right?!

    Great job!!