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Sep 20, 2011

Review: A Feast for Crows

A Feast for Crows
Book 4: A Song of Ice and Fire
By George R. R. Martin
Epic Fantasy with a Dose of Dullness.
Paperback, 1104 pages
Published by Bantam Spectra
Released November 2005

My Summary:
This novel is so convoluted I’m not even going to touch a summary, not because I’d give away a bunch of stuff (nothing spectacularly crucial happens to any of the characters I love – because they’re not in the book) but because we’d be here until a month past next Tuesday.
My Review:
First let me say that, unlike the last three novels, I ended this book feeling completely at peace. Not because anything was resolved, in fact, a heaping pile of other crap is piled onto the already lumbering plot contrivances in this series. The reason I had no problem with how this book ends, is not because a specific character seems to be about to get their comeuppance (because let’s face it, this is GRRM, in the next few books this character will find a way out of their predicament and everyone reading the book will be annoyed at the author, yet again). The reason I can end this novel and breath a heavy sigh of relief, is that nothing has changed for those characters I love – because they’re not in this book.
The book was divided (back, I’m assuming in 2004ish) into two parts, in which you receive the entire story from one set of perspectives (12 characters, only 4 of which have had perspective chapters in the previous novels). The fifth book which came out this past July (that’s right, six years later) rounds out the story (which we’ve already read) with characters not in Feast, and while the perspectives in the fifth book are not too close to those in the fourth, one can’t help but wonder, if the fourth book wasn’t an attempt at filling the void while he figured out his plot issues in book five.
Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
Not having read the fifth novel yet, I can’t tell you to just skip this one – though, I began to feel like it would have been a good course of action half way through. If you’re reading the series, this is not as infuriating as some of the others, in fact, things come to a head for several characters you may well hate – and that could prove satisfying.
My thoughts are to Borrow this one, if you have to continue the series. Otherwise, Brush Past.



  1. I'm in the midst of Book 2, which is okay but not as good as book one. But I still find myself wanting to know what's going to happen to Arya. And I really, really want Sansa to kill Joffrey. But I'm guessing that's not going to happen.

    I had a hard time buying Danys as the mother of dragons (book one). I almost threw the book across the room. But since I was reading it at the gym while I ran the treadmill, I just turned the page.

    I don't know if I'll make it to book 4--depends on your review of book 5.

  2. I'm not reading your actual post, because I haven't started this one, but I just have to ask: HTF did you finish it so fast? Didn't you just review Swords like two weeks ago?

  3. Connie - I think you're going to like book 3, obviously I can't tell you why, but the things that are explained - while not wholly satisfying - are a big relief.

    Matthew - I held myself to a strict page per day count because I needed to finish this one in a week. The others I've just read when I got around to it, but this one had deadlines!

  4. Luckily I just picked up the first four books of this series at a library sale for $2 (total), so I can't really lose anything other than time if I don't love them.