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Why You Shouldn’t Query Your NaNoWriMo Piece

It’s November, that means – along with Movember – we’re in NaNoWriMo, the time of year when skads of people sit down and do their best to pump out 50k words in a 30 day period. I started Nano this month… which, I’ll be honest was a bad idea in hindsight, for 3 reasons. #1. I have something hanging in the ether – and I’m rubbish at finishing other things when I’ve got that little unknown floating about. #2. It’s the end of the year, when my average w/c drops like nobody’s business. And #3. I ended up moving the second weekend of the month – inciting stress induced lack of motivation!
But I have written a first draft in under a month before. My beta and self-proclaimed biggest fan, Katie, challenged me to write a draft in a month. 20 days later I had a 72k word first draft. But. The problem with pumping out something that quickly, is this:
That’s what it looks like when you edit something written with that much haste. (also, for an adult Science Fiction novel, I’m about 18k short of the genera…

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