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Jan 17, 2012

Critiquing & Revisions

There are a lot of times when I’m revising that I worry I’m being too harsh. And then I look at my revisions:
This is what I do to 3rd drafts

And realize, I’m nowhere near as mean about other people’s work as I am about my own.

It’s one of the reasons I like being in the middle of a revision as I’m critiquing someone else’s ms – so I can look at what I’ve done for them… and weigh it against what I do for me.

Sometimes the critiqued ms looks like it has more notes, but that’s because the person I’m critiquing for isn’t in my head. So, where I would simply write “Fix” or “Show” or “Expand” in my revisions, I need to write out what I mean by that in most cases.

Another thing that helps me get past that lovely guilty feeling I get when I walk away from a critique feeling like I’ve shredded someone’s ms to bits… is that it’s the sort of thing I want from a Crit.

Also, the nice thing about revising while critiquing is that you can spot something that’s not working for them, that may not be working for you either, but it takes stepping away from ownership to understand that.

Anyway, back to finishing up my revisions of novel #5 so I can move on to revisions of novel #6 (It’s a revision full month!)

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