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Mar 21, 2012

Colorful Language

Presently, I'm working on revisions of novel #6 (Buckling down so I can get it off to the editor extraordinaire and move on to finishing Novel #7).

This is what that looks like:

My edits are very colorful, but they have a purpose! Each color tells me something different, so at a glance, I know that page "x" has two instances of repetition to deal with, one sentence that needs to be rewritten in its entirety, a character description that needs to be expanded upon and a transition that needs restructuring.

This is actually the 3rd edit I've done to this ms.

First edit was a quick go through.
In the second edit, I cut the entire ending (a whole 45k words).
And this, the third edit, is making the front end mesh with what I plan to make the new ending...

so it is far from my last edit (Highlighter salesmen can rejoice).

Anyone else in revisions right now? Anyone else feel as neurotic as I do when I talk about this sort of thing?

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