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My Novels
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Mar 28, 2012

Looking for a Literature Sherpa

I promised someone – maybe several someones, or maybe I’m making that up in my head – a picture of my book towers.
Some people have tbr piles… I have a tbr mountain. Anyone want to find me a Sherpa?

To the left, the books waiting to be read (this does not include the two pre-orders making their way to me April 3rd and May 29th). To the right… the books I’ve read since February.

At present, I’m in the middle of the 5th book in the Song of Ice and Fire Series… and so my reading rate has slowed considerably. I equate reading the books to slogging through knee deep water with the loose silt of the river bottom suctioning your waders. Once I get done with it I’ll get back to making a serious dent in that mountain. Hopefully I’ve found my Sherpa before then.


  1. I love that your analogy seems to refer to fly fishing.

  2. Connie, me too! I just wish I could throw over the cleaning, etc. in favor of them!

    Jenna, I was raised in S. Oregon... nature metaphors are my specialty.

  3. I'm sending Mutant Cat right over: