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Apr 10, 2012

Review: An Accidental Goddess

An Accidental Goddess
By Linnea Sinclair

Steamy Science Fiction
Paperback, 464 pages

Published by Bantam Spectra

My Summary:
Waking up 300 years from the last moment you remember can be tough enough, but when you wake to find you’ve been turned into a Goddess during your 300 year disappearance, things can get even trickier.

Gillie wakes up on a space station 300 years after destroying the last of a war-like alien race’s mage-line. She finds out the people in this sector have turned her into a goddess, and things go from tricky to worse when she realizes she’s falling in love with Mack, the man in charge of the space station, a man she’s been lying to through her teeth.

Mack returns her affections, but the reemergence of the alien mage-line means she’ll have to come clean about all her lies. How will their relationship survive when he finds out she’s the woman he’s worshiped since childhood?

My review:
Set up as a fantasy novel within a science fiction universe, the novel’s setting, characters and conflicts all manage to blend some very familiar fantasy tropes into this Science Fiction world.

I found the concept to be intriguing and rather refreshing overall. While you’re thrown directly into a strange world, one in which the main character is a stranger as well, you’re tossed a floater, not tied to a cement block. The setting is quickly made clear without dragging you through a load of data dump. The characters, while alien in many ways, are not so drastically different as to lose relatability. And the Plot moves along quickly enough that you don’t feel like you’ve been set adrift.

The romance is a bit rushed, but it doesn’t push you out of the story in a way that you might expect. The characters have rational reasoning behind how they feel and while, I found several of the instances of jealousy to be a smidge farfetched, the romance didn’t trip up the plot overlaying it.

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
As with the previous Sinclair novels, if you’re into both SF and Romance, go for it. This is totally a Buy, fun, fast and steamy. If you’re not into the former, but still into the latter, I’d suggest borrowing this one (and if you like it, take a chance on the rest of her books). If you’re a hard core SF buff who doesn’t like cream in your coffee… you might want to Brush Past this one (even in e-book format).

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