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Apr 24, 2012

Review: Games of Command

Games of Command
By Linnea Sinclair

Steamy Science Fiction
Paperback, 560 pages

Published by Bantam Spectra

My Summary:
When an alliance is struck between the Triad and the United Coalition, Sass, a UC captain, finds herself under the command of her one time enemy, Admiral Kel-paten. The man is a byocybe, half man/half machine, and Sass doesn’t understand how his brain is programmed.

In the midst of a special anomaly, an injured mercenary lands in their lap and when an attack while transporting him to proper custody sends them into a place most think is nothing more than myth, they come to find that nothing in their hastily made alliance is as it seems

My review:
This novel is heavier on the romance, if for no other reason than that there are two. The main character and her closest friend on the ship are both presented with romantic situations and both deal with them in their own way.

The plot relies heavily on the romance side, but at the same time manages to inject Sinclair’s signature blend of SF, Fantasy, and paranormal edge.

There are some logical issues in regards to how the leading man actually operates… and how that affects the romance. And the addition of a clandestine back story for the main gal seemed a toss in.

Overall it was a fun read.

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
As with the previous Sinclair novels, if you’re into both SF and Romance, go for it. This is totally a Buy, fun, fast and steamy. If you’re not into the former, but still into the latter, I’d suggest borrowing this one (and if you like it, take a chance on the rest of her books). If you’re a hard core SF buff who doesn’t like cream in your coffee… you might want to Brush Past this one (even in e-book format).

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