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Apr 3, 2012

Review: Touched by an Alien

Touched by an Alien
(Book 1: Alien/Kitty Katt series)
by Gini Koch

Hillarious Earth based Science Fiction
Paperback, 389 pages

Published by DAW
Released April 6, 2010

My Summary:
Kitty’s life changes forever when she leaves jury duty early and has her whole world turned upside down. Confronted first by a super being dispatched by handy application of pen to jelly fish*, secondly by a hunk who’s oddly decided on the fact he wants to marry her (30 minutes after meeting her), thirdly by the fact that Aliens are among us – have been for some time and happen to all be spectacularly gorgeous – and are here to protect the planet, and fourthly that her family is not what she thought.
What transpires thereafter can only be described as out of this world.

My review:
This novel is hilarious. Fast paced and smoothly written, the main characters feel incredibly real as you follow them through some of the most unlikely of situations. Suspension of disbelief is easily achieved, and while several of the secondary characters come across originally as cloyingly perfect, Ms. Koch manages to cut them with flaws befitting the characters and keep them from becoming unrealistic.
It’s a fun, quick read that will keep you turning the page long after your bedtime. (I suggest starting it on a Saturday morning)

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
This is a definite Buy. As I said up top, it’s hilarious, I found myself laughing out loud more than once (garnering a few questioning looks from those around me). It’s definitely geared more toward women, but I don’t think it would be entirely unappealing to male readers - if you can get past the cover.

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  1. Hi There dropping by from the A-Z. Was looking for your "C" post but was happy to be introduced to this book. Sounds like a fun read. :)


  2. You're a sucker for Sci-Fi, even if you cheated, and this has no C in it. Well, except for TouChed.

  3. Will definitely check it out, despite the girly cover.