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May 29, 2012

Review: Hope's Folly

Hope’s Folly
By Linnea Sinclair
(Dock 5 Universe Book 3)

Steamy Science Fiction
Paperback, 448 pages

Published by Bantam Spectra

My Summary:
With the old government in a state of shambles, the Rebellion, led by Admiral Phillip Guthrie, is trying to get a foot in the door before Tage, the maniacal barrister in charge, can slam it shut again. To do so, they’re putting their hope in a salvaged ship, Guthrie knows all too well. She may be old, she may be testy, but she’s their only hope.

Rya Bennton has been in love with Phillip since she was ten and shooting forkfuls of peas at him when he visited her father. With her father dead, her home in the middle of the rebel allied sector, and nothing to keep her on station, she responds to a call set out to man a new ship. When Phillip walks back into her life, she’s not sure if the lasers going off are coming from her heart, or from the goons trying to take them out.

My review:
This novel’s first chapter makes more sense if you’ve read the first two books in this series, but it is able to be read as a standalone novel.

While the romance side is evident in this novel, I feel that – in comparison to several of her other novels – it takes a back seat to the plot. There’s little enough time for romance, especially one where both parties are truly the only thing getting in their way, but the addition in Folly helps to move the plot along, bring up little foibles that add interesting twists and all the while manages to not feel terribly forced.

The plot overall is not terribly broad, but the ability to keep a reader interested for 448 pages without bouncing all over the place is really impressive.

Overall, this is my second favorite of Ms. Sinclair’s novels.

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
As with the previous Sinclair novels, if you’re into both SF and Romance, go for it. This is totally a Buy, fun, fast and steamy. If you’re not into the former, but still into the latter, I’d suggest borrowing this one (and if you like it, take a chance on the rest of her books). If you’re a hard core SF buff who doesn’t like cream in your coffee… you might want to Brush Past this one (even in e-book format).

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