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May 22, 2012

Review: Shades of Dark

Shades of Dark
By Linnea Sinclair
(Dock 5 Universe Book 2)

Steamy Science Fiction
Paperback, 448 pages

Published by Bantam Spectra
Released July 29th, 2007

My Summary:
Chaz and Sully are still on the run from Tage while they seek out his mobile Jukor breeding lab. With news of her brother’s imprisonment and the sudden overthrow of the Admiral’s council, it seems their only hope lies with a mysterious contact named Dell.

When Dell turns out to be far more than they bargained for… will they be able to carry out their mission, and even if they do, will saving the galaxy destroy who they are?

My review:
While it does not live up to the first book in the series… it comes pretty close.

As with all romantic sequels, Sinclair put the main characters into a situation that would test the mettle of their relationship. Personally, I found the method in which she did this something that completely threw me out of the story, not because it was out of character, but because it felt like a mortal sin… and I as the reader couldn’t forgive it.

I appreciate the inclusion of most, if not all of the characters from the first novel, it felt as though the characters were real people with real relationships that couldn’t be forgotten – even if the author had wanted to.

The plot itself feels a bit meandering, but that is due mostly to the number of obstacles that seem to pop up for them.

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
As with the previous Sinclair novels, if you’re into both SF and Romance, go for it. This is totally a Buy, fun, fast and steamy. If you’re not into the former, but still into the latter, I’d suggest borrowing this one (and if you like it, take a chance on the rest of her books). If you’re a hard core SF buff who doesn’t like cream in your coffee… you might want to Brush Past this one (even in e-book format).

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