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May 8, 2012

This Has To Be A Typo.... Right?

For those of you with bad eyes (like me), here's a close up:

That's right, you can buy this book (which is a mass market paperback and only 2 years old) for $7.99 on amazon, or you can buy it used and pay an extra $492.01.

I love Linnea Sinclair's writing, and while I have yet to read this one... I have to hope this is a typo on the seller's part. If not... that book better come plated in gold.


  1. This is a fairly common occurrence on Amazon. I assume the sellers think someone might add it to their cart without actually checking the price??? One textbook that my sons had for a history class was recently listed for $800 used. If anyone is truly interested in paying 800 dollars for a used history text, I have two of them! :)