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Jun 14, 2012

An Edit Finished... Is Never Complete...

There’s a weird mixture of feelings that comes with sending off what you hope is going to be THE DRAFT of a manuscript: hope, relief, dread, exhaustion…

I’m calling this one 9.1, and hoping it’s the one that makes the cut.

I can’t remember who said it... and I think it was on twitter (and I’m probably going to botch the quotation)… but you really should write novels you’re willing to look at 30,000 times… because that, my friends, is the editing process.

So! I sent of 9.1 to the super-editor (Hi Mom!) and am hoping she gets back to me with good news. But I don’t get a break. Novel #5 is on Draft 4.3 and I’ve got changes to input before sending it off to the next beta for a read!

Writing is an unending joy that happens to be mired in an eternity of edits.


  1. It sounds like you are incredibly busy. And yes, I think I looked at my last manuscript 100 times and edited it at least that much (with lots of help). It's almost insulting when people say "it could have been edited more."

    1. Therein lies the problem... anything could be edited further. And I am definitely busy!

  2. Hi Amy .. probably a good thing you have more than one on the go at once - you'd get bored otherwise .... and what a lovely Mum to become nit-picker for you!!

    Cheers Hilary