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Jun 28, 2012

Update: Week 1, The Crazy Schedule

So, fellow bloggeans, I’ve started a very rigorous schedule this week that I plan to try to keep up until the end of November… I’m not sure how well that will go, but I’m going to do my best.

I do much better with a structured schedule – without one, I tend to hop on a saddled plot bunny and tear about the worlds in my head with abandon. (You are welcome for that mental image)

So! I’ve sat down and I’ve structured. (I’ve also given myself quite a bit of leeway in this structure) July is next week and I’ve got it in my pretty little head that I’m going to finish two projects by the end of it! (Well, three, but the third isn’t scheduled and it trumps EVERYTHING)

Things I plan to accomplish by July 31st:
  • Finish full Rewrite/Draft 6 of my SFR (affectionately known as Novel #5, or Wt)
  • Finish Draft 1 of my SF Thriller (affectionately known as Novel #7, or OB)
At the start of this thing I had quite a way to go on my rewrite and not so much on D1 of N7
(93,807-wds & 23,351-wds respectively).

This post is getting longer than I expected! So basically, Thursdays are turning into my accountability! Here’s what this week looked like (Next week’s will include today, Friday and the first part of next week – excluding the holiday)

Monday 6/25/12 - Wednesday 6/27/12
I must also point out, that, the 40,000 words are kind of cheating, since I am using Draft 5 as a pretty comprehensive outline as I work my way thorugh Draft 6

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