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Jul 20, 2012

Linkage on this Friday

Here's a pdf you wouldn't want to accidentally buy with Amazon's one click....

See what happens when a six year old judges books by their cover (Warning: Adorable!)

Have you ever wondered what the First Daughters are reading? (Via People)

Dario Ciriello talks about Slush Pile and Editor Mind

Ever wondered what a blog tour is like? S. J. Kincaid gives us a look into that part of authordom

Neil Gaiman signs a 5 book deal!

Chrystal Patriarche tells us how book publicity is like a zip line on Writer Unboxed

Check out Salvador Dali's Creative Thinking Method

Sarah Foster tells us how not to get rejected before agents even read a word

Kate Nolan talks about word counts and contemporary romance

Lets face it, a book written by this guy would be adorable!

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  1. Oh goodness, Starpugs!

    Also I liked how she was grossed out by Moby Dick because the whale is inside-out.