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Jul 18, 2012

My iPad as a Writing Tool

So, I got an iPad for my birthday, several months ago, and it's great.

I use it a ton for writing, because it's super portable and let's face it, writing is something you can do anywhere if you have the right tools!

I use everything from a word proccessing app, to dictation software, to the dictionary app to add to my daily word count, and it's awesome.

One of my favorite apps for my writing is the magical pad app. It's brainmapping software and this is what one of my unfinished brainmaps looks like
Pretty cool, right? It's been really fun to use and is actually super helpful.

And let's face it, iPads are fun just in general, especially when you can get a super awesome skin for the back of it, like this one:

Which graces the back of mine. I got it from Society6.  They have a ton of options (too many, if you don't have a  lot of time to browse through everything...)

Do you use an iPad or some other portable device to take down those words that come at you at random? Or do you still stand by the tried and true method of a notepad and pen?


  1. I still use a netbook I bought back in 2009, oh those heady days of yesteryear. The battery will last 9 hours or so in the energy saving mode so long as you aren't using too many programs or anything, so I can pretty much work all day on it. Maybe when it breaks down I'll get an iPad type thing.

  2. I love my iPad, but I don't use it like you do. The apps I use mostly have to do with pdf readers and taking notes.

  3. I'm old school with spiral notebook and pen, but I don't think I'd turn down an iPad.

  4. That is the most epic skin EVER. I love it. So much. But actually I think my dad would love it even more, since he's a huge fan of Star Wars AND Salvador Dali. {I googled to make sure I had the artist right, and I DID. Yes! I feel super smart right now.} :)

  5. That mapping app looks perfect for you!

  6. I love my iPad, don't use it much for writing yet, still prefer my Macbook or a notepad, but might give that brain map program a go! I just got a skin for mine with the cover of my book on it, I love it!