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My Novels
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Jul 26, 2012

Update: Ticking away

This Week has been a rather slow progression. But I've got a pretty good system down. From 8 to 9, I write out chapter maps for what I plan to write for the day. And then I have an hourly word count to meet. It's actually been working out quite well. And hopefully that holds up. 

So, each morning I look to my outline (which usually has about 3 words describing the general issue in that chapter) and then I slowly build up to a more substantial count.

This week's writing...
With as slow as the writing has gone,  I only just got back to doing any revision work yesterday. Which is why last week saw 382 pages edited.. and this week I get a paltry 60. But that's okay. I had time for Novel 5 to marinate up in my brain pan and that is always a good thin. Especially since something came up at work that totally needs to find it's way into that book.

This Week's Revisions:

I'm pretty sure you don't want to see my spreadsheet that catalogues how may words I want to get written/pages revised/pages read/blog posts written... You might get tired just looking at it. (I'm a very goal oriented person)

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