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My Novels
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Jul 12, 2012

Update Week 3: Pile-up

I’m presently in the midst of what I’m referring to as a revision pile-up. That up there is what’s on my plate and like a fitful child, I must keep at it until I’ve finished it all.

  • Sunday night my fabulous Editor-mom got back her suggested changes for Draft 9.1 of Novel #4. I completed the go-through of her changes and now I have Draft 9.2
  • The Wednesday before yesterday I finished Draft 6 for Novel #5.
  • This past Tuesday I completed Draft 1 of Novel #7.

All of these things need to be gone back over with a discerning eye and a hungry red pen.

And, to stay ahead of schedule for the writing things, I also have to start work on Draft 1 of Novel #8.

Luckily it’s well past 100 degrees outside, so I have no real desire to get on outside and commune with nature or anything. (not that I usually do)

Here’s the chart for the last week! (They’ll change a little next week)
Words Written. Less than last week or the week before, but that's fine. I'm still ahead of schedule.

Pages Revised. Looks pretty pathetic, but I did spend all day Tuesday inputting Editor-mom's notes, and that doesn't show up on any of my chartage.

 Hope you all had a productive week! Are you getting in some writing time?

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