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My Novels
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Jul 19, 2012

Yet Another Update!

To be honest, I'm a little disappointed in this week's progress. I probably shouldn't be. I only missed my word count goal yesterday... and I'm a day ahead on my revisions... but still. It irks me.

Here are the charts!


I had people waiting on the first revision (and this is the 8th? time we've gone through that one, so it's mostly just little formatting/grammatical issues that pop up) The other two aren't as far along, so they'll take longer.


You'll notice I've only got one novel on my plate for this month, that's because it's a first draft that I was starting pretty much from scratch. It's an idea I've had bouncing about in my brainpan for a good long while, and I decided this was the time to get it done!

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