How to Write a Novel Part 2: The Initial Burst

As a plotter, it might sound a little strange to start the writing portion of a novel before you get to the real meat and potatoes of the planning. But I’ve found that that initial burst of idea, needs to be capitalized on, so at this point I write.

I may only end up with a handful of disjointed paragraphs that are pulled from all over the story, or I might end up with 10,000-words from the front end.

This is the stuff that gets piecemealed together, or pulled apart and reworked more often than not, but it’s a really good way to get things out and thought about… because the next step requires that you know what general direction you want to take the story in.

Sometimes this initial burst comes months, before I end up starting the actual first draft – and that’s usually because I don’t have time for it. A plot bunny bounds into my head and I’ll take a day or so off from what I’m working on to make sure I get what needs to be gotten down on paper and then I go back to what I need to get done at that point. But the initial burst of momentum is something I have to have if the book is ever going to make it’s way around to priority #1.

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  1. I don't have enough plot bunnies for this to really be a problem for me. But if it works for you ... go for it.


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