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Aug 14, 2012

Review: A Dance With Dragons

A Dance with Dragons
Book 5: A Song of Ice and Fire
By George R. R. Martin
Paperback, 1276 pages
Epic Fantasy running around in circles
Published by Bantam
Released July 12th, 2011

My Summary:
Once again, I’m going to skip over summarizing this. Mostly because While things happened… If you’re going to read this novel, you’ll get to it anyway, and if you’re tired of spending thousands of pages to get to the same spot… you can read the Wikipedia article.

My Review:
Much like the second book in the series, this book starts with the characters in one place… and they don’t end up very far away. Sure, some of them end up a long way from where they started the book, physically. Some end up in pretty awful situations… some people get all Brutus-y on a character… but the plot doesn’t feel like it did much more than meander along for 1200 pages. The only thing I really liked about this book was the part (Stone men? It was 800 pages ago, give me a break) And the Epilogue… where Varys reminds me why I love him.
Another interesting fact, this far along in the books is that I’ve honestly stopped caring about all but one of the characters. And let’s face it; since the sad bag joined up with Tyrion, his chapters have started to go downhill as well. I don’t care if Cersie lives or dies, if she prevails or if she’s thoroughly quashed in her ambition. I don’t care if any of the Stark’s live or die anymore. I just don’t care. And that, my friends is a bad sign when it comes to books like these.

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
I’d brush past this particular novel… Honestly. I don’t think I’m going to read the sixth novel until the seventh has come out and I can just get through this aweful mess.

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  1. The Winds of Winter has to be good. A Dance with Dragons was way too tedious for me. But now the dragons are full grown and the White Walkers are gonna tear down that wall. It's gonna be interesting.

    1. Honestly, it would not suprise me if he spent yet another book jerking his audience around.

      I'm not going to read book 6 until book 7 is out and I can just power through the end of the series.