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Aug 7, 2012

Review: Killbox

(Sirantha Jax 4)
By Ann Aguirre
Paperback, 368 pages
Science Fiction Romance with a galaxy at war
Published by Ace
Released August 31, 2010

My Summary:
The morgut are coming! The morgut are coming! As they try to prepare themselves for the invasion of the morgut and deal with both pirates and the syndicate, the Conglomerate seems surely headed for disaster. Sirantha Jax and her unlikely band of friends are roped into leading the new Conglomerate militia, a rag tag troupe of mercenaries and criminals, but will they be able to stop the coming tide?

My Review:
This series – quite amazingly – has yet to wane in its enjoyability. Usually by the fourth novel in a series I begin to tire. Not so in this case. Ann Aguirre has created such an amazing world that I’m still wanting more. There is enough of a forward motion of the plot (for the series) that I’m not bored, and yet it’s not so much that I feel like she’s jumped the shark.
This novel has a different feel than its predecessors, but I think that’s why this series has worked so well. It’s morphed, with each subsequent book, into something more than it was with the one before. And that makes it worth reading on.

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
Honestly, I think this series is worth buying in its entirety (unless the following books end up managing to go terribly wrong, which I don’t see happening.)

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