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My Novels
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Aug 2, 2012

Update: The End of Revisions

Revisions are finally over! For now.

This round was the first time I’ve had three mss pile up on me, and while it seemed daunting at first, it wasn’t that bad, I just had to take them on one at a time.

So soon enough, Draft 6 of Novel 5 will head off to my Crit Partner for her knowledgeable go through. And Draft 2 of Novel 7 will head off to the Beta Beta (She’s actually kind of worried, since she’s read part of the novel already and doesn’t see a possibility of a happy ending.)

And this is the last time you’ll see this chart!

Writing was good for the first part, then I decided to make finishing the revisions top priority and here we are! I still got in a decent amount this week, so I’m not disappointed, and next week is all about writing, so I should have an impressive w/c when it comes down to that!

I’m seeing a weird wave like trend here… Ebb and Flow…


  1. Yay!!Congrats on finishing the revisions.

    1. Thanks! That's always a good feeling :D