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Aug 16, 2012

Update: Something Old/Something New

So, this week I finished my first draft of the SEF – it’s w/c is a little lower than I would have liked… but it’s only a first draft, and I’m a serial adder. (Now I’m thinking about a snake that eats cereal)

With the third draft in this marathon seven draft schedule for the end of the year done, it’s time to move on to my second 2 draft month with something old and something new. Novel #6 is getting a complete re-draft and small sub-genre shift as I write draft 2. And I’m going to be working on finishing the first draft of Novel #9.

Here’s my starting points:

A small point, I should note: The numbers reflected for SD are with the back half of the first draft chopped off. This number will probably get smaller before it gets bigger as I go through and make sure it will actually work with the new plan.

Also, CC is an example of the yesterday's "Initial Burst"

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