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Sep 28, 2012

Friday Update

Another draft bit the dust on Wednesday, leaving me with 2 in my pile-o-things-to-accomplish (draft-wise). At present I have about 90,000-words to write in order to finish the two remaining drafts for the year if I could put them together I’d have a proper word count for a decent first draft, but they’re set in different universes… and in different timelines, so that would be tricky (besides, neither of them has an ending!) Anyway, I’m probably not going to look at Novel #9 until sometime after the first of the year.

I also went through a beta’s notes on Novel #7 and sent that off to the editor l’extraordinaire. I anticipate loads of red marks and revision thoughts. Which is good. because I feel like it’s a little short at 92k words. I am interested to see the reaction from my initial readers, since this novel is closer to Horror than anything else I’ve tapped out before.

This is what the break down looks like for this novel:

(I anticipate cutting at least 40k of what I’ve written in this first draft and starting over on those bits.)

Today starts work on the October Novel – the longer of the two final drafts – Hopefully the end-of-year motivation drain doesn’t kick in early!

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