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Sep 6, 2012

Update: Laundry Lists and Charts

The weekend put me behind on a lot of things… writing up blog posts was one of them (hence why this is the first you’ve seen of me this week).  So here’s the list of things I still want to get done before Friday brings us into yet another weekend.
  • Re-outline CC (Novel # 9) – for clarity purposes
  • Write a synopsis for Wt (Novel #5) and send off to the editor extraordinaire
  • Print out current copies of:  Novel 6 Draft 2, I’m still certain this thing needs major surgery; Novels 10 and 11, both need a bit of reorganization before I tackle them in October and November (respectively); and any pertinent revision notes.
  • Continue to work on Novel 9 Draft 1
  • Get back on top of Blog Posts!

Here are the numbers for the week (with the ever present charts!)

Another Draft bites the dust… but as I said up in the laundry list. It’s far from done. Sometimes, that’s just the way things go… I’ve had novels where I felt each draft was passable and I could send it off to a random beta for feedback after a rest and a read through. Novel #6 is not one of those novels.

Novel #6 is the sort of novel that, as you near the end, you know it still has major problems. Things that need to be hacked apart and put back together. The problem with the first draft was that it was much too short (needed about 22k added to it) and the ending was not broad enough. I’d written a novel where the universe revolved around my MC, and that wasn’t enough – the stakes weren’t high enough.

So, I chopped and moved and added and reworked… and instead of the hoped result, I ended up with something akin to Latoya Jackson’s nose job. Technically correct, but definitely not pretty. It just didn’t fit the scope of what it was meant to compliment.

So, while SD Draft 2 is done… the novel is far from ready to go anywhere other than back onto the chopping block after a brief respite.

As you’ll notice above, finishing off SD gave me no time to work on #9. So that will start up for next week’s updates!


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    1. I've found I thrive on crazy schedules! :D

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    1. I'm just a writing machine/and I won't work for no body but you...
      Thank you Matthew, that song (with applicable edits)is now running through my head on repeat.