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My Novels
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Sep 13, 2012

Update – With Bonus Recap

Guys… I only have 8 days left of writing if I keep up my current pace on this novel (Knocks on wood!). That means I’ll only be two novels away from my half-year goal!

As a recap, I wanted to get drafts of seven novels done by the end of November (I started June 25th):

1. Novel 5 Draft 6:      6 days, end w/c 100,000
(Total Rewrite)

2. Novel 7 Draft 1:      9 days, end w/c 92,000

3. Novel 8 Draft 1:      13 days, end w/c 83,000
(Starting from Scratch)

4. Novel 6 Draft 2:      7 days, end w/c 90,000

5. Novel 9 Draft 1:      [Incomplete]
(Starting from Scratch)

6. Novel 10 Draft 1:    [Incomplete]
(Starting from Scratch)

7. Novel 11 Draft 1:    [Incomplete]
(Completing from 1/2 finished)

Here’s this week’s chart (The SD column will disappear next week)

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