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My Novels
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Oct 24, 2012

A Day off isn't a day off...

This is where I'll be most of the day.
I’m at home today – this does not mean I get to slack off on my required W/C though (So I’m going to be a slave to write or die for a while). And I’ll be offline a bit more than usual.

I’m close to finishing Dante! Which is awesome because that means I get to finish my steampunk western that’s been waiting for me for a half an age (and when that’s done, I’ll have hit my writing goal for the year). But that means I’ve got to get another 6k in today and tomorrow (unless I slack today and then I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow), and then I’ve got to go through with a quick red pen on Friday and get things sorted out so the 7th novel makes sense when I get back to it!

Wish me luck!

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