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Oct 19, 2012

Friday Update – Where I Wish (not so secretly) For This Week’s Performance to be a Glitch.

 This week has been kind of blah… like a stew with no seasoning. There’s substance, and you know you should eat, but it just doesn’t taste good.

I’m really hoping this isn’t an early onset of year end motivation suck. I’m about 99% certain it has to do with a very specific reply I’m waiting on. Anxiety tends to make word flow constricted. We’ll see. I’m giving myself the day to recover – since obviously something is just not right!

So here’s this week’s small count:

November is drawing nigh, and soon a ton of other people are going to be pushing themselves to big w/c goals. As I’ve been participating in my own versions of NaNoWriYe? (It’s not a great acronym, I know), I’m going to skip this year, TYVM. My November novel only needs 28,000 words, and I’ve only got half the month to do it in… so while I’m not participating, I sort of will be…

Hope you had a great writing week (or reading if you’re not a writer), and Hopefully we’ll see better counts up there next week! It’s the home stretch for this novel, so, fingers crossed.

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