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Oct 9, 2012

Review: City of Glass

City of Glass

(Book 3 The Mortal Instruments)

By Cassandra Clare

Paperback, 451 pages
Urban fantasy where all the stories are true

Published by Margaret K. McElderry Books

Released March 24, 2009

My Summary:
Clary Fray will break all the rules to save her mother from the magically induced coma she’s in. Traveling to Idris when she’s not supposed to be there, and gallivanting about with a boy she just met – and who Jace hates – are two of her infractions. But when Simon’s life, Jace’s Soul, and the fate of the Glass City are at stake, Clary will do anything she must to stop her father from turning the world as she knows it into a world where she’ll lose everyone she loves.

My Review:
As far as trilogy conclusions go (and yes, I know that the series has since expanded to include 3 more books after this) I wasn’t disappointed. This, like the last book so many other YA trilogies I’ve read recently had a different feel from the first two books, but it wasn’t so distant that it made me feel like I’d missed something between 2 and 3. The three novels come together in a beautiful cohesion that doesn’t leave me feeling as though the quality petered out by book three.

I am really pleased with how Clare took her main character out of the battle. It makes sense that Clary wouldn’t be allowed to fight, but that she’d find a way to do what she could to stop Valentine. She’s not a meek little girl who will sit by and watch as the people she loves die because she was told to, but she’s not so stupid as to race into certain death. And that is a lovely thing.

I have to say that at this point the “Who Jace is” thing has gotten a little confusing. That’s not to say I don’t know who he is, but thinking about the bouncing back and forth and you’re Wayland, No! Morganstern, No!... and so on, just started to get to the point that I’m not sure I’ll believe any solution to who he is. Though, as I said in my review of City of Bones – the whole “he’s your brother” thing seemed really trumped up by Valentine, so it was not any surprise when it turned out to be a pack-o-lies.

Simon’s whole predicament is interesting, I think if nothing else, finding out what happens with him will be the main reason I keep going with the next three books. Everyone else seems to have been wrapped up neatly with a big black bow, and Simon… well, he’s an unfinished story – but I suppose that’s to be expected with immortals.

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:
This series is totally worth the buy. It’s one of those series that sucks you into a world not so different from your own, while at the same time being utterly alien, and that is what makes some of the best literary universes.

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