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Oct 17, 2012

The Evil Chapter of Badness

As I mentioned in last week’s update I wrote the Evil Chapter of Badness this week. There’s usually at least one in each novel I write. The chapter in which I endeavor to make you hate me. (Assuming you ever read my novels)

There is something fiendishly fun about spending the time to make you like a character only to make their lives miserable… honestly, I think every writer has a vindictive little heart (or maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better. Who knows?)

Anywho, I wrote my Evil Chapter of Badness for this, Novel #10, and as I mentioned earlier, my finger itched to send it off to a beta. Like a loved one who’d just had their arm hacked off… this is how the incomplete novel would seem to my poor unsuspecting beta beta. Except I’d already told her I wanted to make her weep and never speak to me again, so she’d be expecting it at least a little.

The thing about Evil Chapters of Badness is that you have to have them. Without them, the conflict can’t escalate, and you hit a plateau. So you have to do horrible things to characters you love… and maybe that’s why I get so much joy out of making my beta beta squirm, because if she hates me for what I’ve done to them… then she loves them too.


  1. Yeah, I always feel bad for my MC when he/she reaches the Evil Chapter of Badness. But hey, there's no character development or plot without it. No pain, no gain. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure the George R.R. Martin method is to make every chapter the Evil Chapter of Badness.

    It seems to be working out for him... :D

    1. I would beg to differ on that point... seeing as by the fifth installment I've grown to be so apathetic toward the characters that I highly doubt I'll ever read 6 and 7. But then, I am only one of many.