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My Novels
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Oct 22, 2012

The Great Bookshelf Debate

We have friends coming into town in the next few weeks, and as my office is also the spare bedroom, that means I’mma cleanin’.

So, once again I’m cleaning/reorganizing my bookshelves, because I can’t leave well enough alone. I just can’t decide if I want it sorted alphabetically all, or if I want to divide it into genres… I’m probably going to be rearranging for the rest of my life.

But since I had it in alphabetical all before, I’m of course now moving them into a genre-based organization.

The books are divided into the categories of: Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Literature, Non-fiction, “Other”, Romance, Science Fiction, and Thrillers. I don’t sort them out by category and the “Other” section contains my western/historical fiction/poetry collection.
Yes, that is a stuffed cow beside my desk.
Technically I have an “Old Books” section too. The newest in this collection is from 1951 and is a guide to learning Japanese in 30 hours. The oldest is a book on the myths of Greece and Rome from 1893. And as it happens, I have the same novel from a print run done in 1993.

We’ll see how long it takes before I re-rearrange these…. anyone want to place bets?


  1. Hi Amy - I'd have to have them in genre or type .. reference, cookery, ancients, literature (defined as by me!) ... and then travel, novels, blogger's books, etc etc ..

    Good luck though - looks like the room might be thoroughly cleaned before your guests arrive - or just the book cases ... may be 'stuffed cow' can show you the way?!

    I need to make some decisions and donate some of my books to charity .. I'm getting towards that point! Cheers - Hilary

  2. I love rearranging books. It is great fun. I go back and forth between genre and alphabetical.

    My husband always gets a little nervous when I start doing it.

    I'm giving you two months.