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Guest Post: My Parents’ Library by AmyBeth Inverness

The room I’m in seems strangely devoid of books. Most of the horrid green wallpaper has been steamed away, revealing a very dirty shade of light green underneath. It’s been this way for a couple of years now; we intended to remodel the closet and repaint the room when we moved in, but the baby’s room took precedence and, well, real life intervened.

This room, which is now hubby’s and my bedroom, used to be my parents’ library. They moved here to Vermont when I was nineteen years old and away at college. I never did get to go home to Colorado; going home meant getting in an airplane and flying across the country to a state I’d never even visited.

I love this house, and so did my parents. They bought it as empty nesters, ready for grandchildren.
Sure enough, four grandchildren did come along while they lived here. It has six bedrooms; quite huge for empty-nesters, but that meant that my mother could have a sewing room and my father could have a library.

The ugly wallpaper didn’t matter …