2012 in Review...

This year I:

Fell in love a handful of times, lied and was lied to in turn, woke up in an unfamiliar bed with a splitting headache, watched my only living relative die, fought dragons both fake and real, got a tattoo, destroyed a planet, and was poisoned by a slug.

I argued with an artificial intelligence, fought pirates, found a friend in a windowless cell, made an inappropriate and ungrantable wish, revived an extinct race, found there was no possibility of a happy ending for me, buddy-breathed with a nixie, adopted a stray, and got plastered with a girlfriend.

I disregarded direct orders, found the person I was in love with frozen, nearly froze to death myself in an abandoned lighthouse, stopped a mass murderer, realized someone wasn’t what I thought, tortured a man nearly to death, planted the seeds to dismantle a regime, fought against and lost to a kraken, incinerated an oasis, and killed dozens.

(Not necessarily in that Order…)

Okay, okay, so I didn't do that, my charaters did. So you want real concrete stuff? Things with numbers?

Drafts completed: 7 (5 first drafts 2 revision drafts)

New Words Written: approximately 608,807

Novels read: 44 (According to Goodreads – and who knows if I spaced putting something in.)

Cups of Tea Drank: Innumerable

No. of Emails sent to Betas/Crit Partners that made me sound like a stark-raving fool: aprx. 20,746

Overall, I think this year was pretty decent. I say that because I managed that word count with most of my writing happening exclusively between the last week in June and the second week in November... That's not even six months!

I have plans and goals for next year.... but I'll get around to that tomorrow.

What did you get done in 2012?


  1. Wow!! What a great year you had.

    I haven't kept track of how much I've written or read. But through my characters, I've traveled through time, watched a friend die, rescued a loved one, visited the library at Alexandria, been shot, faced a Mongol horde...it's been a busy year. :) Next up, visiting Pharos.


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