Review: Hourglass


By Myra McEntire

Contemporary YA with a Time Travel Twist

Paperback, 390 pages

Published by Egmont USA

Released on May 8 2012

My Summary:

Life is never easy when you’re different. But when being different means you see dead people and ripples of the past, life can have you two steps away from a mental institution. Or in Emerson’s case, two steps out of one. When her brother hires a consultant from the Hourglass, Emerson finds she’s not alone in her oddity, and in fact, what makes her different could save a life.

My Review:

I genuinely enjoyed this book. Even though I’m a little leery of the time travel premise, I think this novel definitely approached it in a new and refreshing way.

Myra’s voice and the lovely southern affectation came through so beautifully and made me smile simply for the way I felt wholly immersed in small town TN.

Every time I read Emerson Cole, I thought Emerson Cod from Pushing Daisies. They are not at all the same.

There was a moment when I was very worried. Worried that Michael was going to turn into a jerk bag. Worried that this novel was going to fall into the same hole so many before it had…. I do not understand why seemingly intelligent in all other respect girls fall for jerk bags, and so I was very happy when it turned out that Michael was not one – though for a brief moment it seemed he would be.

I think my only major complaint with this novel is the fact that like so many others all the “Specials” are Uber Hot. It’s like an affliction. But all of the other characters she meets who have some form of gift are described as hot. Which always bugs me.”

When I finished this book, I wanted to find Myra and kiss her. I hate the trend now days of leaving your trilogy’s first two novels open ended. I WANT A DANG CONCLUSION. And I was really worried that this one wouldn’t tie anything up and It would taint the rest of the novel. Luckily, it did wrap up and Though there are something’s that do not end, the main point of the novel is concluded and I will love Myra for that forever.

Buy, Borrow, Brush Past:

This gets a BUY rating from me. In fact, it’s already gone on my “Push this on anyone” list. So if you ever ask me for a book rec, this will be one of the ones we go through as we try to find the right one for you ;)


  1. This has been on my TBR list for sooo long. I think it's time to bump it up to the Read Now list. Thanks for the recommendation!


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