Another Week Bites the Dust

Word Count: 17,683
Books Read: 1

Once again, my writing week got dropped down to a measly three days. (one of the lost days was due to a St. Patrick's day tradition)

As such, I only got in the whopping 17k you see up top, but I am still hopeful to reach my goals for the month. It just means I’m going to have to take some time out of my weekend to do it, which isn’t really a big deal.

I’m now down to a prospective 17 writing-day month which puts me at the same number of days as February…. the difference lies in the fact that this month, I’m trying to not bounce around like the crazy person everyone knows me to be. I’m focused on one project – as much as I can be, and getting through it is an interesting experiment.

I’ve mentioned before that I bounce around a lot when writing, not just between projects, but within them as well. I wrote chapter 15 of the novel I’m presently working on first… and then one and two, and then the final chapter.. basically, I do my best to write the scenes that are working for me at the time, and thankfully, those scenes tend to help work out issues I was having with other parts of the book. (Chapter 14 worked out several of the kinks I was coming upon in chapters 8 & 9)

And you’ll notice, I only read one book this last week. This was in part due to the fact that I didn’t get any reading done over St. Patty’s day weekend… and that I was waiting for the delivery of the final Infernal Devices book to show up so I could dive into that monster. It’s here now, and what I started reading last night. (It came in on Wednesday night with the first of the Dresden File books)

I have big things in the works and getting to tell you about them means I’ve got to buckle down and meet my March goals!


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