February is Over, Time for an Update!

The Counts for the Week:
W/C:               41,018-words
Revisions:       105 pages
Reading:         1(Beautiful Creatures)

I’m going to talk about the w/c more when I get down to the month’s numbers. But I am really happy with that word countage. Truth be told I bounced ALL OVER THE PLACE this week when it came to getting words in. I worked on: a space western, an alternate history fantasy, a sf thriller, a YA space pirates novel, and a few other things….

Revisions were of a first chapter my editor couldn’t get past (so clearly I needed to fix things before we considered moving forward) and on a novel I’m about 40% done with, and had an epiphany about something that happens in the beginning, so I had to change that and then go through what I’ve got written to make it make sense. (I’ve been writing this one off and on for a while now, so I don’t feel bad about popping back to it when the mood strikes.)

I didn’t get much reading done, did I? I started reading another book and while I like it so far, it was not striking the mood. And so, I pulled Beautiful Creatures up on my phone (having bought it a few weeks ago) and I read it over the course of two days.

The Counts for the Month:
W/C:               133,329-words (lowest count 2/18: 1118; highest count 2/8: 11,813; Mo Avg: 7843/day!)
Reading:         9 (2 Thrillers, 3 Regency Romances, 2 YA, 1 classic and 1 non-fiction)

I’m super thrilled about this month’s word count. *Beams*

When discussing the shortest month of the year (though not the shortest writing month of my year) I told my betas I was shooting for 120k written. And I did it! It tickles me to no end. Next month, I’ve got another secret goal… that I’ll reveal at the end of the month (or tell you that I failed miserably and keep it a secret), but because of it, my daily w/c for March’s 21 writing days is only 4300-words (that starts today, since I wrote this last night… shhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell). That keeps me on track for both my needed monthly average for the Million goal, and for the secret goal. But still, wish me luck!

Please note, I may have read 4 more books than my goal, but I did not read two of the ones on my schedule… so those are getting pushed into this coming month. To be fair, it was a short month, and I did take a vacation – and it is impossible for me to get any reading in on vacation – so I’m not beating myself up about falling off the schedule.


  1. February sure does go by fast. Gotta flip my calendar.


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