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Update 6-3 through 6-6!

Words Written: 12,227-words Books Read: 1 (Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson) I’m counting that word total as a good one, since we only had 4 days this week (what with last Friday being May still). I’m still in revision mode, so my counts are probably going to be a little small anyway, until I get that finished. *Fingers crossed it’s done by the 13 th * As things stand right now, I’m feeling pretty good about the month… but I’ve got a while for things to turn south. :) The fun thing is that I’m really feeling good about this revision. I’ve been steadily adding to the word count and I honestly think it’s getting so much better. There is a character I needed to change… and I think I’m doing that quite well! So I’m not disappointed in the (semi) slow start to the month.   Also, I promise I’ll get back to doing more than just updates soon!