May Update (Because I spaced it on Friday)

Words Written: 46,113

You'll notice that I was about 37,000 words short of my monthly goal. But I'm consoling myself with the fact that I spent six days of last month not actively writing, but instead revising. and so while I'm counting them toward the goal, I wasn't actually putting out a big effort there. That being said... the lack of green in this picture makes me a little sad. I am still ahead from February's awesome W/C input... but I'm going to try to make June bump me even farther ahead.

Books Read: 11

You'll note that all but one of them are romance novels. This month called for quick reads that wouldn't bog me down. I'll be reviewing Mistborn soonish... I've got it all hand written, I just need to sit down and format it for you ;)

On to June! And hopefully better on the writing front!


  1. I just love how organized you are. And I'm cheering for your June word counts.


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