October Update

Happy November. Some of you will be starting NaNoWriMo today. If you are, Good Luck. I myself am not going to participate. I have my own set of goals and while they might line up with NaNo quite well, I’ve found that the competition doesn’t encourage me as much as I thought it might.

So! Let’s get on to the update. Another month has come to pass. There’s only two left in 2013! Where the heck has this year gone? I swear I fully expected it to drag on and here we are, almost at the end.

This Week -
Words Written: 22,676
Books Read: 3

This Month –
Words Written: 103,827
Books Read: 11

I didn’t reach my month’s goal. I was only 17,000ish off. And I blame that entirely on the return of edits. Okay, not entirely on edits. But it is getting close to the end of the year and I am rubbish at staying focused around the winter holidays. So! I’m hoping I’ll still be able to get my words sorted out and get to my Million W/C Goal!

Only 59,309-words away… Funny how such a small number (in the grand scheme of this year’s writing) can seem like such an enormous task…. It’s entirely a matter of the time of year. I have approximately half of November before I can count on my brain turning to mush… so it’s going to be a bit of a mad dash for the finish line on that one!


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