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February is Over, Time for an Update!

The Counts for the Week: W/C:41,018-words Revisions:105 pages Reading: 1(Beautiful Creatures)
I’m going to talk about the w/c more when I get down to the month’s numbers. But I am really happy with that word countage. Truth be told I bounced ALL OVER THE PLACE this week when it came to getting words in. I worked on: a space western, an alternate history fantasy, a sf thriller, a YA space pirates novel, and a few other things….
Revisions were of a first chapter my editor couldn’t get past (so clearly I needed to fix things before we considered moving forward) and on a novel I’m about 40% done with, and had an epiphany about something that happens in the beginning, so I had to change that and then go through what I’ve got written to make it make sense. (I’ve been writing this one off and on for a while now, so I don’t feel bad about popping back to it when the mood strikes.)
I didn’t get much reading done, did I? I started reading another book and while I like it so far, it was not striki…