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Write or Die - How I Use It

Write or Die is a software (I use the web app, but they have a desktop function and an iPad app) that helps motivate you to get a word count out by eating your words if you don’t type consistently (assuming you’re on that setting).
I love it.
Here’s how I use Write or die: When I go to the web app, I set the time limit for 15 minutes, the word goal for 5 minutes and put the other two options to their lowest settings.

Then I go.
When I get past the 500 (I generally have a minute to spare), I select all, copy and paste it into a blank word document.
Then, I go through and fix any of the “quick typing” errors. Things like “tthe”or “t hat.”
I paste it into the actual document, and then go back and start over again.
For the most part, I can get in three fifteen minute sessions an hour.
The great thing about this for me, is that if FORCES me to focus. I can focus really well on my own… when all the stars are aligned. But as it is normally little things can cause huge time sucks.