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January Update #1

Books Read: 6

Like I said in my goals post, I’m focusing on my collection of graphic novels and middle grade this month – the things I’ve bought but never got around to reading, so that is the vast majority of this week’s reading pile. I also read the only Manga on my shelf and a romance that held me over the day I forgot my physical copy – hooray iphone kindle app.

Batman Vol 1: The Court of Owls (New 52)
Darth Vader and Son
Dr. Horrible and Other Stories
Crayon Shinchan Vol. 1
When You Wish Upon a Duke
Fortunately, the Milk

Words Written: 15,852

I wouldn’t call that a bad word-count for 5 days worth of writing (th-f of last week, m, w-th this week). I wound up working on more than just the first priority ms this week, but I’m okay with that. My goal is constant progress, and I managed to get that.

The second ms I worked on is a book I love, my beta reader has been drooling over snippets I’ve been sending her, and at the moment…. well, I’m feeling very hopeful about it. But I don’t think I’…

How to Write 1 Million Words in Under a Year

One million words…. is a lot.
To be honest, when I set the goal at the beginning of 2013, I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Even in a normal year, I couldn’t count on adding words in December, or even most of November. The end of the year always turns me into that crazy person at the zoo, you know, the one you think is on the wrong side of the bars.

2013 was special, one of my best friends got married! And that meant a few trips to Oregon, and that the month of August was going to lose most of my writing time.

So I set out to write one million words in a year, fully accepting the fact that I might (and probably would) fail.

But! I am a super organized person (as long as that organization is with the use of a spreadsheet)! and so, I set about figuring out how I would do it if I could.

I figured out how many actual writing days I’d have (192), and how that all sorted out amongst the months….

Then, I divvied the work up and set to work and 11 months later, I had a spreadsheet that…

January Goals – 2014

So! In order to get all of my goals for the year done, I’m breaking things down into a monthly list, So expect a goals post every first Monday of the month.

Okay, so I really only need to read 10 books a month to reach my reading goal for this year, but I’m a firm believer in the “head start” so! For January, I’ve decided I’m going to try to buzz through all the graphic novels and middle grade I own, but have yet to read. It’s kind of a daunting stack, but I’m hoping it’s not as HUGE a task as it seems.

Writing/ Revising:
This month’s w/c goal is: 34,000-words. That’s finishing one book, and getting about a quarter of the way through a second. It is also less words for the entire month than any of the counts I hit last year (event the smallest writing month saw over 40k). So I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to get there.

Revision #1 is on the table for January. It’s the second draft of Novel #2 in the Flynn series (and I’m kind of cheating because the revision is already almos…

1/3/14 - (Not) Update

As with last year, I’m going to do an update every Friday…. This one is kind of a weird one though, because… well, I’ve had 2 days in this year, and only one of them was a writing day… and, well, my goals post will show up on Monday…. so…. yeah. I don’t know what I thought today would accomplish.
Tell you what, here’s a picture of Lu (the plot hound in desperate need of a groomer appointment).

Let that tide you over and we’ll talk about updates next Friday, okay?