How to Write 1 Million Words in Under a Year

One million words…. is a lot.
To be honest, when I set the goal at the beginning of 2013, I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Even in a normal year, I couldn’t count on adding words in December, or even most of November. The end of the year always turns me into that crazy person at the zoo, you know, the one you think is on the wrong side of the bars.

2013 was special, one of my best friends got married! And that meant a few trips to Oregon, and that the month of August was going to lose most of my writing time.

So I set out to write one million words in a year, fully accepting the fact that I might (and probably would) fail.

But! I am a super organized person (as long as that organization is with the use of a spreadsheet)! and so, I set about figuring out how I would do it if I could.

I figured out how many actual writing days I’d have (192), and how that all sorted out amongst the months….

Then, I divvied the work up and set to work and 11 months later, I had a spreadsheet that looked like this:

TLDR: Sit your butt in the chair and write.


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